Monthly Archives: December 2006

Plan Nine Rock Show!

If you’re into indie/punk music, check this out. Jasper (the host) is the greatest (although the fact that he likes Guns ‘n Roses and doesn’t like Ted Nugent is hard to fathom). This show is one of the things keeping me alive right now.

He also makes stickers.

Check it out.  Linky (Click where it says “Podcast”)

Still not dead

 Due to serious, difficult personal matters (which I probably won’t discuss in detail here) I don’t have access to my home, computers and a lot of other stuff. That may change a bit in the next few days. I’ve managed to redirect my E-mail out of the black hole it was going into. I haven’t lost anything, but if you’ve sent anything to my home mail in the past few weeks, send it again if you need a reply.

I’m doing OK, but Christmas is going to suck. At least I have family to stay with over Christmas, and lots of friends helping me to get through day to day.

 It’s when a crisis happens that you learn who your real friends are. Thank God for other men who are at my back.