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Going to the LinuxFest 2008

This will be my 4th year going to Ohio LinuxFest. It’s really blown up in popularity over the past few years and is always a good time. This year will be bigger and better than ever.

I actually got a room and will be heading up Friday night this year so I can go to the pre-party. Everyone is busy the day of the show so I hope to be able to meet more people on Friday night. I still have a free bed Friday night (I got a double room at the Drury), so if you’re interested, let me know. I made a post on the TLLTS forums so you can get ahold of me there or E-mail directly.

I registered late so if you’re not registered now, you’re REALLY late. Do it now!  🙂

Click the picture to go to the site.

Got to OLF!

Wisdom from Rock Stars ™

“It’s not just about grep” – Jono Bacon (Lugradio Season 5 Episode 12)

In other news, I really should blog more. I’ve got interesting stuff going on.

I’ve been programming BASH script and Perl lately (for a project for my home server), and am learning C. I’ve always wanted to really learn C, and it seems like it’s sticking this time. I’ve even got some VBA code (however small) in production at work!

More later… (hopefully).

I’m Down with OLF!

It’s that time of year again! Tomorrow I’m going to Ohio LinuxFest. The last 2 years have been great, and this one looks like it will be better than ever. Check out their site here.

I’ve also got a picture of me at last year’s Fest. Me and Linc!That’s me on the left and Linc from the Tech Show on the right. If you’re anywhere near Columbus, show up and say Hi!

Maybe after this show I can edit the hour of video and 10 pages of notes from last year’s show! 🙂

OHIO LinuxFest is teh ROCK!!

OK, if you know me and you don’t know about Linuxfest, then crawl out from under your rock, click the link and check it out.

 The Fest takes place Saturday October 30, in Columbus Ohio at the Convention Center.

I went last year and really enjoyed it, and this year it looks like it’s grown considerably. IBM and Digium had a big presence at the show last year and are sponsoring again this year. IBM’s keynote on virtualization and the company’s commitment to Linux was pretty cool.

One sponsor I did not appreciate was Astaro. They sent a speaker who’s talk was nothing more than an advertisement for their products with no actual content. I left 20 minutes into the talk after half the people walked out.

This year Jeff Waugh is giving the opening keynote. Jon “maddog” Hall is giving closing remarks. Ted Haeger and Chris DiBona  will be there. Red Hat, Fedora, Linspire, NetBSD/FreeBSD, Novell and GNOME (among others) will have booths. The Linux Link Tech Show guys will be there. And best of all there will be Live penguins!

They’ve got a blog if you want to follow the news. If you’ll be there, by all means look me up. I’ll be around.

New Documentation site for Jokosher!

The Jokosher project has a development site using Trac. It’s a good setup for software developers because it combines a source code repository with a wiki, allowing code, bug-tracking and documentation all to happen in the same place. We did most of the documentation for Jokosher 0.1 there on that site.

Before the next release, though, Jono wanted to have a separate documentation site. This minimizes the number of people who need accounts and SVN access on the developer site. It also gave me the opportunity to look into a setup better tuned to documentation, rather than software development.

We settled on using MoinMoin, mostly because it supports DocBook/XML natively, is written in Python, has great theming support and seems to be actively developed. We used two wikis, one at that has been themed to look almost exactly like, and a second at that looks more like a wiki.

The first site appears to the “casual observer” as just another page on, but it can easily be updated by me without giving me FTP access to the server. It also lets me post documentation in DocBook/XML, which we couldn’t do with WordPress.

The second site will be open to anyone who wants to edit, and will give us an easy to use place for documenters to collaborate. As new documentation is finished it can be moved to the main docs site for users to access.

Eventually this will all be integrated to look like one congruent web site, even though it’s 3 sites (, and on 2 different pieces of software (WordPress and MoinMoin).