Still not dead

 Due to serious, difficult personal matters (which I probably won’t discuss in detail here) I don’t have access to my home, computers and a lot of other stuff. That may change a bit in the next few days. I’ve managed to redirect my E-mail out of the black hole it was going into. I haven’t lost anything, but if you’ve sent anything to my home mail in the past few weeks, send it again if you need a reply.

I’m doing OK, but Christmas is going to suck. At least I have family to stay with over Christmas, and lots of friends helping me to get through day to day.

 It’s when a crisis happens that you learn who your real friends are. Thank God for other men who are at my back.

2 thoughts on “Still not dead

  1. Brent

    Hey, sorry this comment is unrelated, but I have been setting up some early screencast howtos for Jokosher. At this point, the videos are step by step how to compile gstreamer and run Jokosher from subversion. I’m not sure how to get in touch with you by email, but I’d like to help out with documentation. I’ve also written up a pretty lengthy text howto for compiling gstreamer from a fresh ubuntu install. Basically the text is what is already on but a bit more in depth and clear with dependencies documented for gstreamer modules like base, good, and ugly. I’d like to help, so email me if you can!

  2. jefrat Post author


    Thanks for getting in touch. I’ll try to E-mail you separately to follow up.

    First thing I’d do is get on the Jokosher mailing list (if you haven’t already). Join up here: Traffic isn’t very heavy, and people would be very encouraged to hear what you’re working on.

    We don’t have a specific place for screencasts yet. I’d dump something on the wiki with the links to the screencasts if you’ve got them hosted somewhere. You might expect from a few hundred to a few thousand hits. If you can’t host them publicly, I’d just drop an E-mail to the list and ask if someone would look at them and try to host them. I might be able to spare the bandwidth on my site.

    For the text HOW-TOs and any other documentation, hit the wiki at and dump it on the wiki. Be my guest, that’s what it’s there for. If they’re good enough, we might be able to include them on the main Jokosher site.

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