Hang on Egypt

I’ve been following the news as closely as possible about the protests in Egypt this past week. I’ve come to be more aware of what’s going on in the world because of contact with people on Identi.ca. It’s more real when you can get the news directly from the source.

I also realize I can no longer be ignorant to things that don’t affect me directly. The truth is oppression does affect me, especially when it comes at the hands of a man the US has supported for years.

I remember when Anwar Sadat died, but honestly haven’t kept up much on the Mubarak regime. I don’t know all the details, but I know this struggle is about people who want to choose their leaders and I stand behind that.

First Dan Lynch did a song about Egypt then David Marsden followed suit. I felt inspired to put my thoughts into a song also. This is the first take I could get through the song without too many mistakes so it’s rough, but it says what I want to say. It’s released under a creative commons BY-SA 3.0 license, so feel free to reuse it under those terms.

Hang on Egypt in ogg and mp3.

Lyrics and chords in OpenOffice Writer ODT format.

Hang on Egypt

30 years ago Sadat was shot
Mubarak came to rule his land,
Time has passed we see this leader’s not so hot
No the status quo won’t stand

The US turned a blind eye to all his abuses
As long as the oil got through
We liked religious freedom, so rare in Arab lands
We liked that he kept peace with the Jews

Hang on Egypt, the world is at your back
I love your spirit and how you take a stand
I wonder if I’d have the strength to be beaten in the street
To stand for freedom in my land?

First they shut down the lines of communication
but somehow you got word through
You inspire us in every nation
When they come to take my Internet, what will I do?

People have to know the time of kings is over
One mans voice can no longer rule a land
The people need to speak and watch their rulers
Apathy leads to tyranny and freedom is the cost

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