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Cyclones win opening home game

Went downtown Saturday night for the Cincinnati Cyclones opening home game against the Wheeling Nailers. After all the shifts in personnel (kinda normal in the ECHL) I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I wasn’t disappointed. Barret Ehgoetz is back this year as team captain. Justin Johnson traded back to Alaska (at his request), but Hans Benson seems more than capable of thumping on people who need thumped on. Benson is a good skater and stick handler too. New goalie Jeremy Smith is just unbelievable. The first Cyclones goal by Matt Pierce (unassisted) was amazing. He just came out of nowhere and dumped it in the net. Chris Mueller scored 2 goals including the empty netter that ended the game. Mark Voakes is already having a great year. This team is fast, balanced and full of talent. I think they’re gonna have a great year.

Here are a few pics. Click to make big:

The kids always come down front during warm-up time hoping to get pucks. The Cyclones don’t disappoint them.Practice shot

More practice

Gimme that puck!

Guido on the Zamboni. Go check out his Cyclones Insider blog.Zamboni man!

Benson beats the crap out of somebody. Referees where trying to stop it before it go out of hand, which is unusual.Fight!

Fight! Fight!