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More on Pirates!

Apparently piracy off the coast of Africa is more common than I thought. There is a page here all about it .

 In the current story it looks like there have been some new developments. Earlier today I read that the pirates were seen partying to celebrate the end of Ramadan. I’m curious if these really are Muslims or if that’s just a ruse to throw people off. It seems odd that Muslims would hijack a ship during Ramadan, but maybe that’s the way these pirates roll.  🙂

The latest is that there has been some conflict between the more radical and less radical pirates, ending in some shooting. I guess if you’re a pirate you need to decide if you’re ready to go all the way.

I seiously can’t see how they expected to get out of this alive.



Pirates are real! I always new it!

Some pirates siezed a ship full of weapons from the Ukraine and are holding it for ransom. Hey, we’ve got lots of guns here in the US. Maybe we need to get into piracy. That ransom money would help bail out the stupid banks!

See the whole story on CNN.